Just what you always wanted to know…

I’m a writer and a complainer, which go pretty much hand in hand. At the moment I am the executive chef, chief bottle washer, and slave employed by my family at little or no wages. I’ve traveled all over the world, and I have a curse, but we don’t talk about that. I have goals that are more spiritually and health minded than economically motivated because I don’t really care about things. I’ve had the same pair of tennis shoes for 4 years and see no reason to replace them as they don’t even have holes yet.

I do like to eat, and eat good food. Right now I’m learning that healthy food is better tasting for the most part than unhealthy food and I love that. I hate stupid people, people who won’t learn things on their own, even if I agree with their conclusions, and conversely I hate people who won’t try to learn, grow, educate themselves, and I REALLY hate people who read conspiracy crap and don’t even attempt to correlate the information into some sort of logical thought process. In essence, I hate sheep.

I have strong opinions, am not afraid to defend them, and will do so at every opportunity.

I. Like. Me.


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