Conspiracy Theorists Should Bury Themselves in a Bunker

I’m very much beginning to hate conspiracy theorists. I remember when a conspiracy theory was at the most silly, and maybe even a little bit fun. Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle, even Marilyn Monroe and JFK was scandalous and titillating rather than out and out lunacy. Even better, the standard and most believable Conspiracy Theory has some truth to it. We all know MM and JFK played at disrupting the free world with their shenanigans, because sex is like that, and there are weird things that happen in the Bermuda Triangle. Area 51 does exist and nobody is allowed to go there.

But the theories that are getting promoted as truths these days are beyond ridiculous in the most insidious and dangerous manner. The best CT feeds on fear. Aliens are going to come down from space, eat our brains, and shit out baby aliens that will continue the cycle, or the CIA killed Kennedy because they couldn’t control him, and by extension control the rest of us. Or, while cruising around Bermuda, we’re all going to disappear and be molten lava in the Mid-Atlantic ridge. Fear based silliness, somewhat believable, yet ridiculous in nature if you spend five seconds to think about them.

Today’s conspiracies are more frightening in that they not only take a tiny bit of the truth, they twist that tiny little bit and turn it into something straight out of HP Lovecraft.
An example:

Natural News disguises itself as a site for fighting GMO foods, and discussing holistic healing and foods for cancer cures and the like. It does do this. However, this site also attaches itself to every vile discussion of government manipulation as it can. Guns, Obama not being a citizen, FEMA stuffing people into Concentration Camps, which are in actuality prisons in North Korea.

Why this is so awful, is that people are all fired up about Monsanto and the GMOs, which ARE important to either defeat or regulate, so if THAT information is true or at least somewhat reliable, the rest must be true as well. Because people do not think, do not want to think, and want to be spoon fed their information rather than finding out the simple truth.

Other conspiracies are dangerous for the limitations that they bring to discovery. People who think that Benghazi, or 9/11, or the mass murders committed with assault rifles have been engineered by an evil empire are clouding the real issues, whatever they are.  Who committed the crimes, and further why so that we can prevent it from happening again, becomes mired in fallacy, lies, and fantasies that fiction writers would love to create as the next great American novel. If we continue to believe that the government…or The New World Order…is hiding everything from us (of course, they’re hiding some things. The nature of a small group of people governing is to hide things from the masses), then we cannot ever find the truth, and give those left behind some relief from their suffering.

The internet has become both a thing of beauty and one of horrible lies and a feeding ground for lunatics. And the people taking advantage of those lunatics. It comes down to that thinking thing again. Is it logical that Bill Clinton killed 342 people and no one noticed except a few vigilant crusaders who obviously are not “on his side”? Or that Bush, who while stupid, seems like a nice enough guy, ordered the planes to crash into the World Trade Center just to go to Iraq? They engineered false information which we all know about. How the Hell would they hide a conspiracy of such epic proportions?
And that’s the crux of the problem. How many people do you know that can truly keep a secret? Really, truly? It’s just not logical.

But the problem is reason is not a priority. The Texas GOP literally campaigned in this last election on a platform to get rid of critical thinking because it causes people to become disgruntled with the status quo.
If  you don’t think any of this affects you, I suggest you read 1984. People love to quote Orwell in terms of what Big Brother and how our privacy rights are being eroded. One of the theories that are out there right now, in fact, is that the digital tv boxes have small cameras and microphones inside of them to tape everything we are doing. As do cable and satellite boxes.
But more frightening is the fact that these conspiracy theorists as well as those who like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are screaming at us about the evil liberals are getting their language into our consciousness. This “think speak” becomes the norm rather than the unusual, and we all roll our eyes and go on with our day. Except for the millions who believe that the Aliens are on their way and that Obama sent the invitation through the Hubble telescope. And that’s the problem. Those of us who think are complacent because we don’t understand the kind of crazy these people are. It isn’t that they’re afraid. It’s that they WANT this shit to be happening. It makes their lives meaningful in a world of work work work, retire, die. They need an outlet of some kind and we’re all too busy doing the same thing to notice.


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  1. Guess we were on some psychic wave length today. I was thinking about conspiracy theories today as I was cleaning. Wondering why they now seem to be more prolific and absurd. Yes, the internet and the media propagate them more rapidly now, and too many people seem incapable of ratiocination. Or they are unwilling because, like you said, they need this shit to be happening.

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