Blogging and Anger Management

I basically forgot I had this page, and I certainly need to do more writing that’s not on a social media site, so I guess I can publish some of my work, and instead of torturing those souls that want to use social media as a way to connect, I can blog here and those who want to read my rants can choose to follow the links.

I’m actually kind of bummed about not using Facebook or other social media (SM) as an outlet for change. In many ways, they are prime vehicles for getting the word out there. But after being hidden by friends, insulting friends, and seeing friends say that they really don’t want to see the bad stuff on FB, I have come to the conclusion that for the most part I’m probably only talking to myself anyway. Which is what I’m probably going to be doing here, as well. Which again, is incredibly sad to me, but what to do what to do. I will warn everyone, I doubt I’ll leave it completely alone over there in Happyland. It’s not my nature to sit down and shut up. In fact, with all that women have fought for, including the recent forays into reproductive rights, I find that shutting up is insulting. But, I will primarily contain myself to this dumb wordpress bloggy writey thingie.

So I will bear with the messages about God,(because He really gives a shit about your broken down car when there are millions of starving children out there, how fucking selfish) cats, chain memes, dogs, (OK, I LOVE GRUMPY CAT and dog posts, so sue me), stupid gun memes about 2nd amendment rights, uplifting fucking messages, and I will keep my negativity over here in lalaland where nobody can see it. Fine. And then maybe my dad will stop worrying over me being arrested as a dissident. Funnily enough, Cecily’s partner said I HAVE to be on somebody’s list, haha, and although I sincerely doubt it, at least that would me somebody cares enough to list me. 😛

I need to focus on some form of writing anyway, so this should be good. I’ll probably discuss stupid shit too, like movies and things. Books aren’t stupid, but lately I haven’t found any that are very inspiring…so probably will talk about that too.

Finally, let me just say, I hated Magic Mike. It was revolting. Not because there were naked men, but because apparently in order to enjoy said naked men you have to think with your nether parts and have no brain for the miserable hour and a half that you suffer through watching gyrations and the pseudo-creepy manifestations of a cowboy hat wearing Matthew McConnaughey selling sex to the screaming masses of doltish women who apparently have nothing better to do than drool over men whose collective intelligence appears to be equal to that of Bush Jr. I look at half naked men. I’m not against it. Just google shirtless soccer players and you’ll definitely see some great looking guys. I just find it incredibly hypocritical for women to have bitched and moaned and complained for years about being objectified and then swarming in droves to see a movie that does exactly that to men.

And yes, I know that I am once again, heavily in the minority. And I am very, very OK with that.



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